Excellent Ways to Gain Experience Working with Animals

Jun 12

You won’t necessarily walk into a job once you’ve completed an animal sciences degree. You’ll have all the skills companies require, but lots of people could be competing for the same job. Do you have any idea how to beat everyone you come up against?

It will help if you’ve got experience working with animals. Potential employers will love seeing it on your CV. You will need to decide where you’re going to work once you start studying, so let’s look at a few places you should definitely contact.

Volunteer At an Animal Shelter

Some people decide they don’t want a pet once it’s too late. When they’ve finally had enough of caring for the animal they’ll toss it to the side. It will end up in a shelter with lots of other abandoned pets.

There is a chance these animals will eventually find a new home, but they’ll need someone to look after them in the meantime. I’m sure you’d enjoy volunteering at a shelter. They’ll give you plenty of jobs to keep you occupied.

Work for a Local Veterinarian

You don’t need any qualifications to work at a veterinary clinic unless you’re carrying out certain duties. It will help if you know the local vet. If not, ask if anyone you know can put in a good word.

You’ll become a master at handling different kinds of animals. You will learn all about their unique behaviors and psychology too. There is a good chance you’ll want to stay on at a university to qualify as a vet.

Become an Intern While Studying

If you decide to wait until you’re in university it will open up a lot more doors. You won’t need to find work on your own. A company is more likely to bring you on if you’re studying animal science at uni.

It also means you’re likely to acquire a more technical job. For example, you could find yourself conducting experiments in a laboratory. You’ll also get to work with animals like cows, pigs, and chickens.

Start Walking Dogs for Neighbours

Have you ever thought about starting your own pet-related business? I’m sure lots of your neighbours will need someone to walk their pets while they’re at work. You’ll earn a decent amount of money if you have enough customers.

It will also give you the chance to look after a lot of different breeds. Feel free to build a business that caters to different animals. If you use your imagination you’ll be able to come up with dozens of ideas.

You Can Shadow One of Your Friends

Do you know anyone who does something you want to do once you’ve graduated from university? They could work as a feedlot manager, livestock buyer, or anything else you’re interested in. Ask if they’d enjoy a bit of help.

You should shadow them for a few days to find out exactly what they do. They’ll let you carry out tasks that don’t require any expertise. Even though you won’t get paid you’ll get some experience under your belt.

Spend Time with Some Exotic Animals

You won’t just be limited to working with pets once you’re studying at university. Hopefully, the one you attend has an agreement with your local zoo. It’s possible you’ll be able to volunteer there when your degree starts.

It means you’ll get up close and personal with exotic animals from all over the world. You might decide to find a job looking after them in the future. A wildlife rehabilitation facility is always an option too.

Get Some Experience Under Your Belt

It’s worthwhile working with animals before you graduate from university. Not only will you gain valuable experience, but you might decide it’s not the path you want to follow before it’s too late.

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